Koka Ramishvili / text


Artist Koka Ramishvili is one of the key Artist during the 90s in Georgia and post Soviet Union Space.

From 2000 he lives and works in Geneva. This is a second solo show in Berlin, after the successfull exhibition at Haus Kultur der Welt in 1991, not to forget the group Show at Hamburger Bahnhof.

His works are based on multidisciplinary platforms and the question of the identity of content, ideas and forms. Where these boundaries end and new relationships of compositions and contruction begin.

The Oil Painting on Canvas become a three-dimensional sculptural installation, like "Lost Landscapes", the drawings become a video installation of the Black Sea, and the sculpture becomes a two-dimesionional photographies.

Project Lost Landscapes II Unites these three groups of works as one interdisciplinary installation, speaking not only about the connection between idea and form, but also about the poetic in perception of hard and sometimes dramatic events in the author's life.