Nezaket Ekici / text



Nezaket Ekici's videos, installations and performances are often processual in character. They involve the viewer both intellectually and emotionally, by means of their themes as well as their form. Complex, often controverse contents enter into a suspenseful interplay with their aestheticizing presentation. In this, the field of tension between her Turkish origin and education on the one hand, and her living environment in Germany on the other play a central role. Cultural and individual borders are of equal interest to her as the possibility of transgression and connection. Although her own body is usually at the center of her work, it is still possible for the viewer to experience its topicality for him- or herself. The viewer's associations and experiences become an integrative part of the work of art.

The artist was born in Kirsehir, Turkey, in 1970. She studied Art Pedagogics, Sculpture and Performance in Munich and Braunschweig, Germany. She lives and works in Berlin.